Students should complete all courses at the second level before proceeding to Level 3.

As professionals in the field of Child and Youth Care, workers will find themselves in countless positions where leadership is needed. In this module you will:
• Learn about the various forms of leadership
• Understand when to use specific leadership styles
• Examine qualities of effective leaders
• Discover techniques to enhance leadership skills

The last course introduced you to the key aspects of becoming an effective leader, regardless of your position or authority.  This course will take a deeper look at leadership as it relates to supervision, position of authority and organizational influence.

This course will introduce you to the basic understanding of trauma, various dramatic experiences, how trauma made resented children and youth,, experienced by the Aboriginal culture, as well as immigrant and refugee persons.

This course addresses best practice for programs, agencies and professionals who are working with individuals who have experienced trauma. 

This module is an introduction to the development of the brain, brain injury and trauma, and developmental disorders.

Advocacy in Child and Youth Care